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Cyber Security Awareness Event | Amman

Amman hub organized an introduction and awareness event on Cyber Security with Eng. Ammar Al Majali, a cyber-security specialist and an electronics engineer, in the Jordanian capital. The interactive event tackled a few questions including: Meaning of Cyber Security? What should we learn to enter the Cyber security world? And What is the difference between an InfoSec Specialist and a Hacker?

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“The Influence of Social Media on the Human Soul” | Amman

Amman Hub organized a discussion panel titled “The Influence of Social Media on the Human Soul” with Dr. Hammam Yahya, a Psychiatrist and a researcher in philosophy and Islamic disputes. The panel that was held in the Jordanian capital tackled the psychological, social and intellectual effects of social networking sites in terms of the impact on individuals and communities.


“Jordanian Cultural Cities Meeting”| Amman

In partnership with the Hub’s Mosaic Circle, Jalaad Cultural Center organized the “Jordanian Cultural Cities Meeting”, which brought together a big number of youth with professional artists including painters, sculptors and ceramic artists along with the exhibition administrator, Samy Hindiye.


“Al Sharq Initiatives Camp.”| Amman

Amman Hub held its 2nd regional event this year under the title “Al Sharq Initiatives Camp.” The 3-day camp brought together innovative youth from various backgrounds to shed light on their hidden potential and utilize it to find feasible solutions to significant challenges that were presented during the event. 5T8A0826 1

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Discussion Session with Sirin Hamsho | Amman

Al Sharq Youth Amman Hub organized an interactive discussion session with the Syrian engineer and inventor Sirin Hamsho. During the fruitful event, Hamsho highlighted the importance of linking one’s desire and skills for something with an investment opportunity to bring about excellence in a certain field.


Mentorship Launch Event | Amman

As part of the Al Sharq Youth Mentorship Program, Al Sharq Youth Amman Hub’s second mentorship was launched with a fruitful meeting between Dr. Tariq Al Rimawi, an esteemed Jordanian animated film director and scriptwriter, and his mentee Bayan Zreqat.


Mentorship Launch Event | Amman

Al Sharq Youth Amman Hub launched its mentorship program with the participation of Dr. Riyad Al Issa, eminent researcher in the fields of Psychology and Sociology of Religion. During the fruitful meeting, Dr. Riyad Al Issa met his mentee and other hub members.

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‘Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things’ | Amman

Al Sharq Youth Amman Hub organized an event on one of the most important revolutions of modern technology ‘Artifical Intelligence and Internet of Things’ under the umbrella of Al Sharq Innovations Circle.