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Navigating the Crossroads of the Global Economic Crisis | Almir Colan

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بمشاركة ألف شاب.. انطلق أعمال “منتدى الشرق الشبابي” في إسطنبول

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Al Sharq Youth Sixth International Conference

Al Sharq Youth Sixth International Conference titled “Unleashing Potentials” will take place on 13th and 14th of August 2022, in Istanbul, Türkiye at Pullman Istanbul Hotel.

The International Conference will provide a venue to discuss the unprecedented global risks we face like widespread youth disillusionment, disengagement from public affairs, and inclination towards populist narratives, due to the lack of trust in the existing economic, political, and social structures at a global scale.

The two-day conference will host more that 50 distinguished speakers through a variety of workshops, networking sessions & masterclasses; speakers include:

  • Wadah Khanfar, President of Al Sharq Forum
  • Dr. Mehmet Kasapoğlu, Türkiye Minister of Youth & Sports
  • Dr. Comfort Ero, President & CEO of International Crisis Group
  • Dr. Rouba Mhaissen, Founder & Director of SAWA for Development and Aid
  • Chris Blauvelt, Founder & CEO of Launchgood & Patronicity
  • Linda Sarsour, American Civil Rights Activists
  • Hassan Aourid, Moroccan Thinker
  • Nasser Yassin, Lebanese Minister of Environment

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