TR Film Okumlari Eps. 3 19 Dec 2

Film Reading Session ‘Umut’ | Istanbul

In this film reading session, Istanbul Hub, discussed ‘Umut’ film with the guest İsmail Yılmaztekin and Zafer Akar.

TR Online Cafe Ep1 Introduction to SDGs 13 Dec 5

Online Cafe: Introductions to the SDGs | Istanbul

Istanbul hub hosted an online cafe with hub members to discuss Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their processes in Turkey. The session hosted Alina Gedik, facilitator at SOGLAB.

TR Film Okumlari Eps. 2 6 Dec 4

Film Reading Session ‘Muhsin Bey’ | Istanbul

In this film reading session, Istanbul Hub, discussed ‘Muhsin Bey’ film with the guest İsmail Yılmaztekin and Zafer Akar.

TR Film Okumlari 22 Nov 20 4

Film Reading Session ‘Bir Zamanlar Anadolu’da’ | Istanbul

Cinema, which is called the 7th art and has become one of the most effective ways of conveying messages despite its 100-year history, has become one of the indispensable tools of examining social problems. Nowadays, social problems are also criticized through realistic films with high viewing pleasure, touching life and challenging the audience intellectually. As ASY Istanbul Hub, we wanted to discuss the problems of our society through such local films. In this session, the moderator Bilal Alemdaroğlu will discussed ‘Bir Zamanlar Anadolu’da’ film with our guest İsmail Yılmaztekin.

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“Youth Empowerment and Sustainable Development Goals” Lego Serious Play | Istanbul

General Orientation of Bosnia Hub, introducing it in its new round of 2020-21 with a special talk by Fatou Wurie who is a storyteller and motivational speaker works for UNICEF about the role of youth in changing their communities and the world.

Istanbul 1

Istanbul Hub Online Inauguration Event | Istanbul

General Orientation of Turkey “Istanbul” Hub and Introducing it in its new round of 2020-21.

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Monthly Meeting | Istanbul

Istanbul hub held its monthly meeting, with the attendance of the Al Sharq Strategic Think Tank Director Dr. Mohammed Affan. During the fruitful meeting, a number of questions were addressed, including: What is a think tank, and what are the features of good think tank? What is distinctive about Al Sharq Think Tank and its role in the region? And what are the opportunities provided by the think tank for students and researchers.

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X- Photography Workshop | Istanbul

In collaboration with Fuji Film Turkey, Istanbul Hub organized the ‘X-Workshop’ on photography with the participation of 25 selected youth from 10 different nationalities. During the workshop, the participants learned the general techniques of photography and gained practical photography experience as they toured the old streets of Istanbul with the trainers to record some cultural aspects of living in the unique city.

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Fifth Youth Leadership Forum | Istanbul

Our members, Mubarak Noor, Vicdan Brouk and İpek Zeyn Kamil, won the network’s opportunity to attend the Fifth Youth Leadership Forum organized by the International Academy of Leadership and Development in Istanbul. The capacity building program that was held under the theme “Move Locally… Think Globally”, offered a wide range of courses, lectures and interactive workshops to the attending youth.

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Career Fest | Istanbul

Istanbul hub joined Istanbul Şehir University ‘Career Fest’, which took place at the university’s Dragos Campus, in Istanbul. The ‘Career Fest’ aims to bring companies and organizations from different sectors to meet the university students and introduce them to internship and career opportunities.