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‘Nineveh and Its Legacy After DAESH’ | Mosul

In partnership with Mosul Media Platform, Al Sharq Youth held its first event in Mosul, Iraq on ‘Nineveh and Its Legacy After DAESH’. During the unique event, archeologist Prof. Ahmed Al-Jumaa and Dr. Omar Al-Jumaili addressed the destruction of the ancient city of Nineveh.

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‘The Middle East Perspective: Perceptions and Realities’ | Istanbul

Held in partnership with Al Sharq Youth Istanbul Hub, Kafa Kampüs, a youth platform, and Istanbul Şehir University Center for Modern Turkish Studies, ‘The Middle East Perspective: Perceptions and Realities’ conference took place in Istanbul Şehir University. During the conference, the speakers shared valuable insights on the perception of the Middle East from religious, cultural and political perspectives.


‘The Third Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Law’ | Baghdad

Al Sharq Youth Baghdad Hub members participated in ‘The Third Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Law’ which was held in the Iraqi capital.

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“Loccioni Group” Visit | Italy

Al Sharq Youth Italy Hub visited the Italian family company “Loccioni Group”. During their visit, a discussion  on leadership was held by Enrico Loccioni, founder of the Group, and Dr. Mohamed Nour Dachan with the participation of the hub members – the discussion was followed by a visit to the factory.

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‘A Game of Nations’| Istanbul

Al Sharq Club held its first political game event under the title of ‘A Game of Nations’ in Istanbul with a wide attendance of active youth from different backgrounds and countries. During the event, participants had the opportunity to use their leadership and diplomacy skills in an exciting game setting.

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“On Short Film” | Istanbul

Al Sharq Youth Istanbul Hub hosted a film screening event titled “On Short Film” under the umbrella of Al Sharq Mosaic Circle. The screening was followed by a warm discussion with the film directors, Bülent Özadaman and Ömer Dişbudak.

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‘Inspiring Projects Series’ | Istanbul

Al Sharq Youth Istanbul Hub hosted İbrahim Halil Üçer, Assistant Professor of Islamic Philosophy, in its first event of ‘Inspiring Projects Series’. Üçer gave an inspiring talk on how the idea of the web-based project ‘The Atlas of Islamic Thought’ came about and developed.


Orientation Sessions | Cape Town

Al Sharq Youth Cape Town Hub held an introductory online meeting with the Horizons Circle coordinator, Osama El Mourabit and the Spotlight Circle coordinator, Tasneem Elnekheely. During the meeting, the coordinators introduced the two circles to the hub members.


Mentorship Launch Event | Amman

Al Sharq Youth Amman Hub launched its mentorship program with the participation of Dr. Riyad Al Issa, eminent researcher in the fields of Psychology and Sociology of Religion. During the fruitful meeting, Dr. Riyad Al Issa met his mentee and other hub members.

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Orientation Session | Rabat

Al Sharq Youth Rabat Hub held its introductory event with the participation of Osama Al Morabit, the coordinator for Al Sharq Horizons Circle, and representatives from various youth organizations. The event aimed at building strong ties among the youth from all components of the society and creating a free space for the exchange of ideas and successful models in the community.