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Russia/Ukraine Conflict, What Impacts on Europe? | Paris

France ‘Paris’ Hub organized a special discussion session entitled “Russia/Ukraine conflict and the impacts on Europe?”.

The session hosted Anastasiya Shapochkina, Lecturer in geopolitics at Sciences Po Paris Insitute, Nina Zaharkina-Beresner, Founder of the D’Est association and Raphaël Liogier, Sociologist and Philosopher, & Professor at Sciences Po.

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Book Club : Sleeping at the Feet of the Mountain | Khartoum

Khartoum Hub launched the Hub’s monthly book club with its first discussion of the ‘Sleeping at the Feet of the Mountain’ novel by the Sudanese writer Hammour Ziada

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Back to Basics: No Women, No World | Lahore

Al Sharq Youth Pakistan ‘Lahore’ Hub organized a discussion among Pakistan Hub Community to share the immense role women have played in major events of the world. The discussion covered several topics such as gender roles, women empowerment, gender equality and more.

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Social Media Impact on Our Lives | Amman

Amman Hub’s organized a session discussion entitled: “The Impact of Social Media in Our Daily Lives”, to discuss the relationship of social media with politics and analyze the social impact on values and concepts such as family and love.

In addition to, tackle social media impact on the psychological aspect in terms of the cognitive aspects of human and self image.

The session hosted special guests including Mahmoud Abu Aadi, Leen Gharaibeh and Ahmed Shakeeb.

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6 Reasons why Networking is Important | Impact Platform

Start building your networks today for a strong civil society!

6 reasons why you should start networking now for an effective civil society.


Back to Basics: The Brandish of Lavish Weddings | Lahore

Al Sharq Youth Pakistan ‘Lahore’ Hub organized a discussion among Pakistan Hub Community on how to address the societal norm of spending tones of money on lavish weddings and how it is making marriage difficult for young individuals.

People shared their thoughts on the reasons of the problem and how they can be best addressed.

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The Ukrainian Crisis: How is the International System Changing?

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Women Potential in Leadership | Jakarta

A public talk conducted by 3 Indonesian Women Leaders to highlight the importance of women in leadership in organizations and workplaces.
Several issues such as gender equality, women empowerment, self-confidence and communication skills were discussed.

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Back to Basics: Passion or Profession | Lahore

Al Sharq Youth Pakistan ‘Lahore’ Hub organized a discussion among the Pakistan Hub community on the perspective towards passion and profession. An engaging discussion on how to balance both and how to combine both.

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Junior Leadership Program | Kuala Lumpur

Al Sharq Youth Malaysia Hub organised the ‘Junior Leadership Program’ in collaboration with the United Arakan Institute Malaysia.

This program targets the Rohingya children between the ages 13 and 17 who are attending school. It helps them build confidence and inspire them to create their own narrative while feeling content and safe to engage with the local community.