Al Sharq Youth Malaysia Hub team encapsulates diversity of this beautiful country in a terrific way! With each member from a different country we aim to show the world the true power and beauty that comes about when colors and cultures mesh together and form a medley that doesn’t just uplift spirits but elevates our purpose of being. We aim to empower ourselves and our wonderful community with awareness and tools from our experiences across borders and the adventures life has thrown our way. Our purpose is to inspire a generation of youth to be adept, informed and critically alive to break barriers and lead this world into a future that is just, inclusive and aground in our values.

Area of Focus

  • The manifestation of global awareness to create a culture of informed Global Citizenry.
  • The empowerment of members with skills and knowledge to lead for the future.
  • The creation of a supportive environment for the impression of healthy dialogue and mutual discourse.
  • The provision of a positive space for thought exchange and tangible reinforcement of ideas.
  • The endowment of members with liberty to develop and expand existing Al Sharq KL aims.