Al Sharq Youth Madrid Hub is a diverse group of young, open-minded, restless spirits that are aware and concerned about their local and global reality who believe in creating change rather than waiting for it. We are convinced that in order to be able to inspire others, empower youth, better the society and lead the world to a better future, not only should we start by ourselves, but also by creating a global network of young, active, strong, critical and well-equipped leaders.

Area of Focus: We believe in youth’s potential to change the status quo, in order for that to happen, we aim to empower and support them by being and creating a safe space where young leaders can discover and develop their skills, identity and thinking. We promote an inclusive environment where youngsters can exchange their ideas, concerns and goals, equipping them with the necessary tools whilst forming them in areas that we believe that the current system lacks. Aiming and strongly believing that words turn to actions creating the change we want to see in the world.