Tunisia is known as the country of origin to the so-called Arab Spring, which led to an uprising wave against the authoritarian regimes in various countries in the MENA region. But before that, it played a prominent role in the ancient times, first with the famous Phoenician city of Carthage, and later, as a cultural hub and the main food storage of the Roman Empire; not to forget Kairaouen and Zitouna mosque’s vital role in the Islamic history.  A synthesis of various civilizations: Berber, African, Arab and European influences, have all have shaped the Tunisian cultural identity, thus, Tunisia today.

Our mission is to empower better integration and alignment of the youth movement in Tunisia. We are inspired to increase our impact through mobilizing youth to build together deeper and sustainable oriented solutions for social, economic and political issues.

We aim to mobilize change makers on a local level for a sustainable and influential impact. To use collective intelligence, dialogue and engagement to bring people together and work on arts, capacity building, experience exchange, and issues analysis related to three major axes;
1. Youth axis: Solarpunk.
2. Women axis: Femina.
3. Children axis: Generation Alpha.

We believe that our Hub grassroots are able to grow and expand by being inspired and based on local ownership.