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Religion and Culture in Europe: Naqshbendi Sufi practices in postwar Sarajevo | Sarajevo

Bosnia ‘Sarajevo’ Hub hosted Zora Kostadinova, a PhD candidate in social anthropology at the University College London, in a session tackling the important role Sufism has played in Bosnia’s multi-confessional society historically. Zora talked more closely about her own ethnographic fieldwork, what does it mean to research Muslim practices and traditions anthropologically, and what Sufism means to the people who devote themselves to practicing it.

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Sarajevo Hub Online Inauguration Event | Sarajevo

General Orientation of Bosnia Hub, introducing it in its new round of 2020-21 with a special talk by Fatou Wurie who is a storyteller and motivational speaker works for UNICEF about the role of youth in changing their communities and the world.

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‘Media Training Program’ | Bosnia

In collaboration with Al Jazeera Balkans and the International University of Sarajevo, Al Sharq Youth Bosnia Hub organized the ‘Media Training Program’ in the capital Sarajevo. The intensive program hosted Harun Karčić, Al Jazeera Balkans producer and presenter, Arduana Pribinja, Al Jazeera Balkans senior journalist, and Nađa Lutvikadić-Fočo, Public Relations expert. The event included lectures on basic communication techniques, TV interviews analysis and the major trends in the international media.

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“Crash course on Economy” | Bosnia

Bosnia hub organized an event titled “Crash course on Economy” in the capital Sarajevo. The course hosted Admir Čavalić, Director of ‘Multi’ association and one of the leading economic experts in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The interactive event aimed to explain the main economic theories, processes and phenomena from an academic perspective, in addition to motivating the participants to engage in entrepreneurship projects in Bosnia.

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Sarajevo Talks | Bosnia

Launching its Bosnia Hub, Al Sharq Youth Network held the Sarajevo Talks session on ‘Deadly Cost of Reporting: Press Freedom under Attack’ which brought together Bosnian youth from different backgrounds. Co-organized with Al Jazeera Balkans, the session hosted Wadah Khanfar, President of Al Sharq Forum, as its key note speaker.