Purpose Importance of International Solidarity Inauguration

South Africa Lounge: South Africa’s Post Pandemic Future | South Africa

First session of ASY South Africa Hub lounge where expert Lebohang Mulaisi, Rekgotsofetse Chikane, Farai Muronda panelists focused their presentation on this statement “While the magnitude of the damages of COVID-19 outbreak remain uncertain, it is already clear that we will see a sharp decline in incomes, rising unemployment, and widespread business closures. This is expected to directly translate into perpetual economic downturn and political upheavals.”

Purpose Importance of International Solidarity Inauguration

Purpose & Importance of International Solidarity | South Africa

Hub General Orientation event in its new round of 2020-21 with a special talk by Mr. Thembisa Fakude who spoke about the common struggles and importance of alliances and solidarity among the marginalized communities, mainly among people of the Middle East, Africa and minorities in the United States while Ms. Ntebo Mokuena spoke about solidarity from the Black Lives Matter perspective and among people of colour in the fight against injustice and white supremacy.

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“Interfaith Youth Dialogue: connecting for a Better Future” | Cape Town

The network held its first regional event this year entitled “Interfaith Youth Dialogue: connecting for a Better Future” in partnership with Amnesty International, in Cape Town, South Africa. The interactive event aimed to be an engaging platform for discussing critical issues facing youth and wider community, in order to learn from other’s experiences, and identify potential solutions.

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Teaching Palestine: Pedagogical Praxis and Indivisibility of Justice” | Johannesburg

As part of the network’s Opportunities Program, our members, Zahra Omar and Abdulaziz Abubakr from South Africa hub, won the network’s opportunity to participate in the “Teaching Palestine: Pedagogical Praxis and Indivisibility of Justice” conference organized by the Afro-Middle East Center in Johannesburg. The 2- day event tackled the case of Palestine as a justice issue in examining the tensions and contradictions of the academy and the community dialectic, bringing up questions on social movements and intellectual inquiry.

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South Africa hub retreat | Cape Town

South Africa Hub held a 2-day retreat in the city of Cape town. During the fruitful event that gathered members of the hub, the team worked on developing a new strategy and executive plan for the year.

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African Youth Development Summit | Johannesburg

Hub member, Insaaf Ayana Isaacs, won the network’s opportunity of attending the African Youth Development Summit organized by the Junior Chamber International (JCI) in Johannesburg, South Africa. During the 3-days event, delegates from across the continent deliberated on matters ranging from education to national security. Alongside 100 of Africa’s finest young minds, the conference culminated with a youth manifesto that is to be presented at the World Education Forum set to take place in London next year.

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“The Land Debate” | Cape Town

In partnership with the Amnesty International, South Africa Hub organized their soapbox event on “The Land Debate” in Cape Town, South Africa with the participation of youth from various backgrounds. The thought provoking event addressed various topics on land including the difference between land restitution, redistribution and land tenure, land expropriation and the relationship between land and dignity.


‘Telling Our Stories, Building Our Legacies’ | Cape Town

Al Sharq Youth organized its 3rd Regional Event this year ‘Telling Our Stories, Building Our Legacies’ in Cape Town, South Africa. The unique event was conducted in three main sessions that focused on youth participation in democratic processes, media as an empowering tool and the ways in which innovative youth can contribute to the economic growth and the uplifting of the South African society. Many distinguished speakers including Fazela Mahomed, Former Head of F&A in the Constitutional Assembly; Yusuf Omar, Founder of Hashtag Our Stories, Sihle Tshabalala, CEO of Quirky 30 NPC and Quirky Innovations and Thembisa Fakude, Senior Researcher at Al Jazeera Research Center shared their valuable insights with the youth present. The event also witnessed the official launch of Al Sharq Youth South Africa Hub.


Hub Orientation Session | Cape Town

The president of Al Sharq Forum, Wadah Khanfar and the general coordinator of Al Sharq Youth, Ibrahim Juneidi visited Cape Town Hub. During the fruitful meeting, Khanfar addressed the hub members in his speech on the role of Al Sharq and youth in leading the future.


Orientation Session | Cape Town

The Ignite Circle Coordinator of Al Sharq Youth Network, Dr. Maysoun Douas, shared her vision and aspirations on the circle with Al Sharq Youth Cape Town Hub members during a fruitful meeting.