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Women Potential in Leadership | Jakarta

A public talk conducted by 3 Indonesian Women Leaders to highlight the importance of women in leadership in organizations and workplaces.
Several issues such as gender equality, women empowerment, self-confidence and communication skills were discussed.

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People Talk 2.0 | Jakarta

Indonesia ‘Jakarta’ Hub held a discussion entitled ‘Episode Baru Pemberantasan Karupsi di Indonisia’ hosting Meuthia Gania-Rochman and Charles Simabura .

The session discussed the revision of Law no. 19 of 2019 and its implementation has opened many discussions. Whether it is in accordance with the wishes of many parties to strengthen the KPK, and what is the future of eradicating corruption in Indonesia after the enactment of the latest KPK Law?

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Skills Up 6: Networking Skills for Millenials | Jakarta

Indonesia ‘Jakarta’ Hub held it’s 6th session of skills up program about: Networking hosting the Indonesian Knowledge Promoter Weni Pebriani.

The session discussed 3 important points:

1. Learn how to improve and build their networking skills.
2. Learn communication skills and communicate effectively while networking
3. Learn tips & tricks in achieving goals and targets successfully in your dream career through networking.

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Skills Up 5: Public speaking | Jakarta

Indonesia ‘Jakarta’ Hub held it’s 5th session of skills up program about: Public Speaking hosting the Indonesian Trainer & Writer Dinar Ahadi.

The session discussed the topic “Public Speaking Skills for Millenials” and 3 important points:

1. Learn how to establish effective communication and build collaborative cooperation to achieve goals and targets successfully.
2. Learn to overcome mental block, overcome the feeling of nervousness and ‘blank’ and build confidence
3. Get to know interesting techniques of Public Speaking for millennials

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Skills Up 4 : Human Resources and Leadership skills | Jakarta

Indonesia ‘Jakarta’ Hub held it’s fourth session of skills up program about: Human Resources and Leadership skills hosting Arih Budi Utomo – Executive Director Tantowi Public Speaking.

The session discussed two important points:

1. Learn how to maximize productivity as employees.

2. Learn how to improve their work skills under pressure, so it won’t interrupt between jobs and personal affairs

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Skills Up 2 : Career Enhancement Program | Jakarta

Indonesia ‘Jakarta’ Hub held it’s second sessions of skills up program about: Career Enhancement hosting Andika Deni Prasetya (CEO RAKAMIN ACADEMY).

The session discussed *personal branding* skills and how the world of work becomes one of the phases that students will go trough after graduating from the university/college. So the job seekers should acquire skills to be competent and confident. One of them is developing *personal branding* skill. By having a strong personal branding, we will earn more attention and recognition by various professionals, industries & gain opportunities to achieve goals and dreams.

Indonesia Ambassador Talk 31 August 2020 3

The Ambassador Talk | Jakarta

Indonesia ‘Jakarta’ Hub held its first event entitled ‘The Ambassador Talk’ hosting various speakers including Syahrul Aidi Indonesian Parliament Member, Zuhair Al-Shun Ambassador of Palestine to Indonesia & Adam Bensaid Senior Strategist at Turkish TRT Network.

The session discussed that Israel’s plan to annex the Palestinian West Bank region not only violates international law but also threatens the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and stability in the region. The planned Israeli annexation would deprive Palestinians of key agricultural land and water resources, especially in the Jordan Valley region. It would also effectively kill the two-state solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict that was based on the idea of land for peace.

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Ambassador Talk 2 | Jakarta

Indonesia ‘Jakarta’ Hub held its second event entitled ‘The Ambassador Talk 2.0’ hosting various speakers including H.E. Mr. Vincent Piket – Ambassador for European Union to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam & Mrs. Ika Yuwiani Puspitasari – Director of Dir. HRD PPI Dunia, President of PPI Portugal 2019 – 2021

Because of many Indonesian youth interested to study or even get job abroad, especially in Europe. Al Sharq Youth Indonesia initiative to hold a program in order to motivate the youth to pursue their education forward. Through this program, the speakers inform the participants regarding education in Europe. The speakers brought up the education institution in Europe and gave advice to the participants on preparation to study in Europe countries even during Covid-19 pandemic.

The session answered several interesting questions:
– what does higher education in Europe have to offer to students worldwide?
– Is there any significant impact on learning activities that is felt by international students during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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People Talk: Omnibus Law| Jakarta

Omnibus Law has become a topic of conversation among people in Indonesia since Joko Widodo talked about it in his speech last year. Now, during COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the Omnibus Law is increasingly being pushed by an agenda for discussions between the executive and legislative governments to accelerate and simplify the Omnibus design. Most Indonesian youth are familiar with this policy that became an issue in Indonesia. the participants got new insight regarding Omnibus Law from different perspectives. Also, it creates expectation and anticipation from the youth so that people would escort and criticises the decision from the government.