MR EFH Women and SD 28 Nov 20 3

“Education for Her”: Women’s Role in Education for Sustainable Development | Rabat

In collaboration with the UNESCO, the Rabat hub organized a webinar as part of the “Education for Her” project entitled: “Education for the sustainable development of women and their role in achieving a sustainable future”.

The webinar hosted various officials within civil society associations working in the field of environmental protection and the sustainable development goals, in addition to young women pioneers in this field, including:
– Nour Mansour: Environmental Activist in Civil Society & member in TunSea Initiative
– Mona El-Zoghbi: Specialist in Sustainable Development.
– Mustapha El Aissate: President of Green Environmental Rug Association
-Amina Tadjer: Human Rights Activist & member in Pan-African Network of Human Rights Defenders