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International Fellowship Retreat | Fellowship

The first cycle of Al Sharq International Fellowship Program concludes!

Al Sharq Fellowship Program concluded its first cycle with the presence of 25 of its fellows in Istanbul while the rest of the fellows joined online through Zoom. The international fellowship retreat concludes the program’s first founding cohort, which was initiated in 2020-21 and took place over 9 months, starting September 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, adapting from original plans that didn’t anticipate a fully virtual experience. Through the 9 months, the entire experience has been a virtual one, with a learning engagement that includes discussion, lectures, and workshops covering a wide range of topics; from epistemology and philosophy, to logic and system innovation. The different components covered various holistic and integrated focus areas: from foundation personal development, to leadership, systems, design thinking and innovation.

The retreat is the final official component in the program that focused on strategic leadership skills like; negotiation, advocacy, organization, and decision making delivered through a series of workshops, seminars, lectures and case studies conducted by prominent scholars including Dr. Emad Shahin, Dr. Tarek Yousef & Clayton Swisher.

This 5-day event is co-funded by Erasmus+ through the Turkish National Agency (Ulusal Ajans), the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), and held in partnership with BTM Istanbul.


The Case for Palestine: Reflections on the Present Moment | Diwan

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Design Thinking | Amman

Amman Hub’s organized a Internal training hosted by Ahmad Hawwari
It was an introductory workshop about Design Thinking, which is not really about design! Rather it is a systematic approach to innovation and creative problem-solving that can be used in many disciplines.


Sustainability Beyond Capitalism and Socialism | Diwan

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People Talk 2.0 | Jakarta

Indonesia ‘Jakarta’ Hub held a discussion entitled ‘Episode Baru Pemberantasan Karupsi di Indonisia’ hosting Meuthia Gania-Rochman and Charles Simabura .

The session discussed the revision of Law no. 19 of 2019 and its implementation has opened many discussions. Whether it is in accordance with the wishes of many parties to strengthen the KPK, and what is the future of eradicating corruption in Indonesia after the enactment of the latest KPK Law?

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The Challenges of Democratic Transition and Its Impact on Achieving Peace and Security in Sudan | Khartoum

Khartoum Hub organized a discussion about “The Challenges of Democratic Transition and Its Impact On Achieving Peace and Security in Sudan” hosting the Sudanese Politican Dr. Alsahfie Khodr.

The discussion discussed several points:
– The concept of democracy and democratic transition.
– Experience of the democratic transition after the 18th December revolution.
-The contribution of the democratic transition to strengthening security and peace

Activism and Psyhcological session

Activism and Psychological Resilience Session | Impact Platform

Our Impact Platform organized a session discussing activism and psychological resilience as part of its Knowledge Resources support mechanism.

The interactive session hosted psychology specialist, Sarah Khanfar who shared with the participants techniques that help reach an anti fragile psychological state.

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The Book: Reflection of A Reader | Amman

Amman Hub’s organized a session discussion entitled: “The Book: Reflection of A Reader” hosted by the Jordanian Writer Omar Zakria.

The session discussed 5 important points :
– What distinguishes books from other means of publishing?
– Book marketing
– Looking at history through books
– Contemporary publishing and contemporary media
– Books as raw material for cultural journalism

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Empowering Women and Enhancing Their Role in Building Peace and Social Cohesion in Sudan | Khartoum

Khartoum Hub organized a discussion about “Empowering Women and Enhancing Their Role in Building Peace and Social Cohesion in Sudan” hosting Sudanese Ms. Ilaf Nasr El-Din – Executive Director of Operations at Amna and Ms. Eman Mohamed Ismail – social and political activist.
The discussion discussed several points:
– The role of women in the peace-building process
– The social and political challenges facing Sudanese women at the present time.
– The role of young Sudanese women in advocating for women’s rights issues

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Workshop: Peace First Lab | Khartoum

Khartoum Hub organized a workshop about “Peace First Lab” hosting Sudanese Ms. Zahra Ali – Peace First Country Ambassador.

The workshop focused on several points including:
1. How to turn your ideas into a real-world application
2. How to structure a solid plan for implementation
3. How to become an effective Peacemaker
4. How to apply to a ‘Peace First’ mini-grant (up to $250) to help you implement your social change project.