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Introducing 2020 21 Initiatives

Introducing 2020-21 Impact Platform Incubated Initiatives

Our Impact Platform is welcoming its incubated initiatives for the 2020-21 cycle 🎉

The 27 unique initiatives will be supported through various mechanisms including; crowdfunding and matchmaking, volunteers and mentors, training and workshops, and international exposure.

In the first phase of the incubation process, the initiatives will participate in the “Public Leadership” training program that is designed to increase their impact through utilizing innovative techniques.

IG Resistance Strategies to Support your Cause 01

5 Resistance Strategies to Support Your Cause?

The Importance of Boycotting for a Cause 01

Do Boycotts Really Work?

how to use 01

How Can You Use Social Media Effectively to Support a Cause?

Sudan 9 May Discussion 3

Peace and Africa: Optimistic Perspective | Khartoum

Khartoum Hub organized a discussion about “Peace and Africa: Optimistic Perspective”

The session discussed many aspects of Peace; its history in Africa, the impact of war on continental integration, Peace and unity, Peace and youth, and Peace-building challenges in Africa.

TR 12 Celal 6

Film Reading Session ‘Celal Tan ve Ailesinin Aşırı Acıklı Hikayesi’| Istanbul

In this film reading session, Istanbul Hub discussed ‘Celal Tan ve Ailesinin Aşırı Acıklı Hikayesi’ film with Dr. Özgür Yılmazkol & Sociologist Cuma Ülgü.

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Film Reading Session ‘ Sarı Mercedes’| Istanbul

In this film reading session, Istanbul Hub, discussed ‘ Sarı Mercedes’ film with the the guests Sociologist Cuma Ülgü and the Professor Ismail Yilmaztekin

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The Role of Arts in Creating Communication between different Cultures and Promoting Peaceful Coexistence in Sudan | Khartoum

Khartoum Hub organized a discussion on entitled “The role of arts in creating communication between different cultures and promoting peaceful coexistence in Sudan” hosting Sudanese actor and director Adam Ibrahim.

The session discussed several points, including the connection between Culture and art in Sudan, How to use arts to create positive communication between different societies and cultures in Sudan and How Sudanese artists dealt with the recent violence incidents.

TR Entrepreneurship for Refugees 13

Ignite: Entrepreneurship series 1 | Istanbul

Istanbul Hub organized it’s first session from its new series entitled ‘Ignite: Entrepreneurship Series’, hosting Ayşe Seyyide Kaptaner; Entrepreneur and PhD student at the Birkbeck University of London, that will tackle the topic of Refugee Entrepreneurship.