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Are Islamic Tradition and Modern Feminism Contradictory? | Al Sharq Xchange

Al Sharq Xchange organized its first debate session “Are Islamic Tradition and Modern Feminism Contradictory?”.
The debate hosted 8 participants and Munir Akari, Policy Advisor, as an adjudicator.

JR Identity1 City 27 Feb 15

‘Us and the City’ Discussion| Amman

Amman Hub organized a public discussion session entitled “Us and the City” hosting Dr. Abdullah Al-Bayyari, Researcher in cultural studies at the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies.

The session discussed the relationship between the city and the identity.

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Skills Up 6: Networking Skills for Millenials | Jakarta

Indonesia ‘Jakarta’ Hub held it’s 6th session of skills up program about: Networking hosting the Indonesian Knowledge Promoter Weni Pebriani.

The session discussed 3 important points:

1. Learn how to improve and build their networking skills.
2. Learn communication skills and communicate effectively while networking
3. Learn tips & tricks in achieving goals and targets successfully in your dream career through networking.

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Skills Up 5: Public speaking | Jakarta

Indonesia ‘Jakarta’ Hub held it’s 5th session of skills up program about: Public Speaking hosting the Indonesian Trainer & Writer Dinar Ahadi.

The session discussed the topic “Public Speaking Skills for Millenials” and 3 important points:

1. Learn how to establish effective communication and build collaborative cooperation to achieve goals and targets successfully.
2. Learn to overcome mental block, overcome the feeling of nervousness and ‘blank’ and build confidence
3. Get to know interesting techniques of Public Speaking for millennials

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Welcoming 27 Initiatives | Impact Platform

Our Impact Platform is welcoming its initiatives for the 2020-21 cycle 🎉

The 27 unique initiatives will be supported through various mechanisms including; crowdfunding and matchmaking, volunteers and mentors, training and workshops, and international exposure.

In the first phase of the incubation process, the initiatives will participate in the “Public Leadership” training program that is designed to increase their impact through utilizing innovative techniques.

Film Okumaları Takva FB

Film Reading Session ‘Takva’ | Istanbul

In this film reading session, Istanbul Hub, discussed ‘Takva’ film with the guests İsmail Yılmaztekin & Cuma Ülgü


Moderns, Barbarians & the Lost Culture of Civility | Diwan

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Skills Up 4 : Human Resources and Leadership skills | Jakarta

Indonesia ‘Jakarta’ Hub held it’s fourth session of skills up program about: Human Resources and Leadership skills hosting Arih Budi Utomo – Executive Director Tantowi Public Speaking.

The session discussed two important points:

1. Learn how to maximize productivity as employees.

2. Learn how to improve their work skills under pressure, so it won’t interrupt between jobs and personal affairs

Tunis Economics Workshop 9 Feb 1

Economics Workshop | Tunisia

Tunisia Hub organized a core team workshop on “Economics” hosting Hichem ben Meriem.

XCHANGE Lunch XChange FB

Al Sharq Xchange Program Launches!

We are excited to announce that Al Sharq Xchange program organized its first workshop last week with the attendance of our network members from 7 regions . 

The Al Sharq Xchange is a debating platform hosted and organized by Al Sharq Youth Hubs rotating between them on monthly basis. The program aims to equip youth with the essential skills and etiquette of debating, while also engaging them in ideas, subjects, and topics that are of concern at a global, regional, and local level.

Keep an eye on our social media pages for more details to how to attend the exceptional debate session!