april, 2016

29aprallday2016 Al Sharq Youth Conference - New Era


Event Details

Overview: Al Sharq Youth Conference 2016 focused on various issues ranging from politics to media to propose a new vision for the future of Al Sharq region. Many high-profile speakers gave their speeches on various groundbreaking topics. The conference was held in an interactive way where the admitted attendees had the chance to participate in the live polls during the events. As a pre-event activity, a Hackathon was held where the youth gathered to present their innovative ideas and showcase their unique talents and skills for the betterment of the region. For youth who have entrepreneurial ideas, a Pitch competition was held where the youth had the opportunity to speak about their pioneering ideas and present them to an esteemed jury and the audience.


april 29 (Friday) - 30 (Saturday)



Speakers for this event

  •   Khalid Hajji

      Khalid Hajji

  •  Ahmad Ashkar

     Ahmad Ashkar

    Founder & CEO of Hult Prize

  • Abdulkareem Aouir

    Abdulkareem Aouir

  • Abdullah Al-Shayji

    Abdullah Al-Shayji

    Professor of International Relations and Political Science - Kuwait University

  • Abdullah Najjar

    Abdullah Najjar

  • Abigail Harrison

    Abigail Harrison

  • Ahmad Al Assad

    Ahmad Al Assad

    Founder - Talentology Training

  • Al Anesty

    Al Anesty

  • Ala Hamdan

    Ala Hamdan

  • Amel Ouchenane

    Amel Ouchenane

    PhD, Political Science

  • Amer Sayyed Omar

    Amer Sayyed Omar

  • Anas Ghanaiem

    Anas Ghanaiem

  • Bilal hassam

    Bilal hassam

    Director at British Muslim TV.

  • Dima Al Khatib

    Dima Al Khatib

    Managing Director - AJ+

  • Ebrahim Rasool

    Ebrahim Rasool

    Former South African Ambassador to the U.S.

  • Fahad Sarwani

    Fahad Sarwani

    Co-Founder - Falaq Training

  • Hassan Imran

    Hassan Imran

  • Haytham Al-Salameh

    Haytham Al-Salameh

    Director of Science Policy and Management Qatar Foundation

  • Ibrahim Turhan

    Ibrahim Turhan

    MP, Former CEO - Istanbul Borsa

  • Jamal El-Shayyal

    Jamal El-Shayyal

    Correspondent, Al Jazeera English

  • Kürşad Mahmat

    Kürşad Mahmat


  • Lina Kreidie

    Lina Kreidie

    Professor, American University of Beirut

  • Mert Oktem

    Mert Oktem

    Turkish Entrepreneur

  • Mesut Özcan

    Mesut Özcan

    Director of Diplomacy Academy of Turkish FM and PM Advisor

  • Munir Fasheh

    Munir Fasheh

    The Arab Education Forum Director

  • Nabeel Al-Azami

    Nabeel Al-Azami

    Founder & Director, Murabbi Consulting

  • Nicolas Khoury

    Nicolas Khoury

    Presenter - AJ+ Arabi

  • Rafe Haneef

    Rafe Haneef

    CEO - Group Islamic Banking

  • Resul Serdar Ataş

    Resul Serdar Ataş

    TRT, Managing Editor

  • Riyaad Minty

    Riyaad Minty

    Digital Manager - TRT International

  • Samah Safi

    Samah Safi

    Creative Director & Filmmaker, LightArt Media

  • Talal Yassine

    Talal Yassine

    OAM, Managing Director - Crescent Wealth

  • Wadah Khanfar

    Wadah Khanfar

    Al Sharq Forum President

    Al Sharq Forum President

  • Yousef Al-Naimi

    Yousef Al-Naimi

    Al Sharq Youth

  • Zeynep Coskun

    Zeynep Coskun

    Research Fellow at Al Sharq Forum


    • Day 1
    • Day 2
    • April 29, 2016
    • 9:00 Registration9:00 - 10:00Registration

    • 10:00 Opening Statement10:00 - 10:45"Al Sharq: A New Era"Speakers: Wadah Khanfar

    • 10:45 Al Sharq Spotlight10:45 - 11:45"From Scratch" Ala Hamdan
      "A New Era of Mentorship" Yousef Nabil Al-Naimi
      "10 Things I Learned While Making the Film "Inspiration" Samah Safi.
      Creative Director & Filmmaker, LightArt Media "It's Time our Region takes Sustainability Seriously" Mert Oktem
      "Who Said we're not Talented?" Ahmad Al Assad

    • 12:30 Al Sharq Special Session (1)12:30 - 14:00"Is it Time for a New Paradigm?: Islam, Knowledge and the Future" Is it high time for a new knowledge paradigm?: Islam and science in a changing world
      A special session with:
      Mr Wadah Khanfar,& Dr Haytham Al-Salameh,

    • 16:00 Al Sharq Debate16:00 - 17:30"The Future of the Region - Integrated or Independent States?"
      Dr. Mesut Özcan & Hassan Imran,
      Dr. Abdullah Al-Shayji & Zeynep Coşkun,
      Moderated by Dr. Mohammed Affan

    • 17:30 Sponsors Session17:30 - 18:15TRT - Resul Serdar Ataş TIKA - Kürşad Mahmat

    • 18:30 Al Sharq Café18:30 - 20:30One thing brings us all together...fun!

    • April 30, 2016
    • 10:00 Opening Statement10:00 - 10:30Al Sharq & The International Community: A proposal for a New EraSpeakers: Ebrahim Rasool

    • 10:30 Al Sharq Spotlight10:30 - 11:30"A New Era starts with a New Vision" Fahad Sarwani
      "Jewar for a New Era" Amel Ouchenane
      "It's not all bad news :)" Nicolas Khoury
      "The Wise Owl & the Cunning Fox" Nabeel Al-Azami
      "100 years since Sykes-Picot: Creating a New Reality, Ushering in a New Era" Jamal El-Shayyal

    • 12:00 Political Track Roundtable12:00 - 12:22"Trauma, War and Displacement in Al Sharq Region: The Aftermath"Speakers: Lina Kreidie

    • 12:22 Economic Track Roundtable12:22 - 12:44“A New Era of Islamic Finance for a New Era of Al Sharq”Speakers: Ibrahim Turhan, Rafe Haneef, Talal Yassine

    • 12:45 Media Track Roundtable12:45 - 13:05"Breaking traditions for a New Era in Media"
      Moderated by Ala HamdanSpeakers: Dima Al Khatib, Riyaad Minty

    • 13:05 International Track workshop (Closed Roundtable)13:05 - 13:30"A New Era of Global Networking"
      - AIESEC
      - One Young World
      - Ashoka
      - World Economic Forum Global Shapers
      - Creative Society
      - Social Good
      - Impact Hub
      - Common Action Forum
      - Junior Chamber International
      - TEDx
      - Enactus
      - African Leadership Academy
      - Ethical Leaders
      - Zedni Network
      - International Islamic Federation of Students
      - Young MUSIAD
      - Al Sharq Youth

    • 15:30 Al Sharq Special Session (2)15:30 - 17:00"A New Era of Wisdom"
      A special session with:
      - Munir Fasheh
      - Khalid Hajji
      Moderated by Dr Haytham Al-Salameh

    • 17:15 Al Sharq Pitch17:15 - 18:15Presentation of 4 Projects

    • 18:15 Closing Session18:15 - 19:30