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Statement on Racism – 06 June 2020

We believe that racism and xenophobia are malignant ills which mutilate and disfigure the infinitely rich canvas of our shared humanity. As we stand in allyship and solidarity with the movement against racism and discrimination that is erupting across the globe, we endeavor to support in all ways possible the struggle against the racial injustices that have permeated our political, cultural and legal systems — in our own Al-Sharq region and beyond — and to drive reform and uphold equity and human dignity for all.

In line with our commitments to justice and inclusiveness, and in full cognizance of the individual and collective responsibility we all bear to face up to racism, a core pillar of our mission will be to cast light on the myriad and distinct forms through which racism and xenophobia manifest themselves in our societies.

In this spirit, we will redouble our efforts to advance an inclusive dialogue that stands in the way of ignorance and to build a society of informed citizenry, one in which everyone takes an active part in uprooting policies and systems that enable racial injustices, in Al Sharq region and around the world.

To all efforts, across the globe, that seek to challenge and eradicate racism as a structural ailment, we pledge our unconditional and unwavering support and solidarity.