FR Big Data 21 Nov 20 1

Big Data| Paris

As Amaël Cattaruzza says in his book “Géopolitique des données numériques”: Understanding a technology is not only understanding how it works, it is also taking into consideration the social, economic, political and philosophical context in which it is part and that it modifies in return”. Big data can therefore be considered as a socio-technical phenomenon, which has continued to change the world for several years.
France ‘Paris’ Hub organized a talk that addressed the impact and changes related to these new technologies on three different axes:
1- The technological axis: what’s Big Data and what is different compared to technologies before ?
2- Companies axis : How have companies taken advantage so far and how can they improve their data experience ?
3- The human being and society axis : social media, fake news, labor market.

The session hosted Abed Ajraou, Chief Data Officer, Lecturer of Big Data and Data Science Professor, Aissam Ouaza, Serial Innovative Entrepreneur and Startup Mentor, and Philippe Feinsilberber, Digital innovation advisor, lecturer at Science Po Paris.