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Junior Leadership Program | Kuala Lumpur

Al Sharq Youth Malaysia Hub organised the ‘Junior Leadership Program’ in collaboration with the United Arakan Institute Malaysia.

This program targets the Rohingya children between the ages 13 and 17 who are attending school. It helps them build confidence and inspire them to create their own narrative while feeling content and safe to engage with the local community.

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Sustainability Circle: Climate Reality | Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur Hub organized a session discussion entitled “Climate Reality”.

A detailed presentation on the climate crisis the world is facing and the highlights of the main factors accelerating this crisis. Further analysis on how this crisis can be eased and what is the role of individuals to play.

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Infinity Circle: Refugees | Kuala Lumpur

A public discussion on the refugee crisis around the world and in Malaysia. Ideation on how to best play our part and help the refugees.

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Potluck Party | Kuala Lumpur

Being cooped up during the lockdown due to COVID19 the KL Hub community has had several opportunities to interact with each other virtually but they never had a chance to meet each other face to face. As conditions were improving, ASY Malaysia Hub organized a Potluck Party in the park to give the community a chance to meet each other and share the tastes of their cultures. The potluck gathered 30 participants and a variety of food from different cultures all over the world. The event was a chance to bond for the community members to bond with each other and share their culture and thoughts.

The Farewell Sermon

Infinity Circle: The Farewell Sermon (Khutba tul Widah)| Kuala Lumpur

The Farewell Sermon of our Prophet (pbuh) holds a treasure of advice and profound guidance to all the people of the past, present and future! As we commemorate Eid ul Adha during the days of this blessed month, we aim to remember together the foundations laid down by our prophet (pbuh) in his last sermon and figure together the best ways to apply them in our lives.


Infinity Circle: The Art of Communication | Kuala Lumpur

“Communication works for those who work at it.” Our daily routines often consist of segments where we utilize language, expressions and gestures to relay feelings, receive information and inspire action. Sometimes, no matter how articulate the idea we put across is, it doesn’t seem to be interesting or understood by the recipient. Many times our words fall tone deaf and can cause confusions or miscommunicate our intentions. Why do we want some conversations to last forever, while others we desperately try to crawl out of. In light of how important it is to acquire the art of communication, we try to break down our conversations and discover together the ‘What’, ‘How’ and ‘Why’ of productive communication.

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Infinity Circle: Trash Talk | Kuala Lumpur

Half of all plastic in the world today was produced in the last 15 years, making it a global crisis. Do we think just knowing this information is enough? Can we as individuals make a difference? As we deliberate and rethink our roles in dealing with this environmental crisis and the importance of changing our mindsets in making this earth a better place, discussion and actions need to be taken on an individual as well as a corporate level.

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Infinity Circle: Ohana | Kuala Lumpur

Family is a vital component to a healthy and striving society. “Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” The family unit plays an important role in the making of each individual and the building of healthy and confident characters. We attempt in this session to understand the concept of family, why it’s so important, the micro and macro implications of this institution and how this trickles into the fabric of our society.

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Infinity Circle: Dive into the Mind | Kuala Lumpur

The discussion on mental health has always been vital yet under-discussed. As important as physical health is to a functioning body, mental health is a key to a healthy mind. Mental Health includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being. Societal stigmas and general ignorance on the topic has caused major confusions in our understanding and acceptance. As we work towards a peaceful, just and prosperous future the mental well-being of the generations are of utmost importance.


Infinity Circle: Let’s Talk Food| Kuala Lumpur

As important as it is to have heavy discussions, it is equally necessary to have lighthearted and fun conversations for team building and stress relief. They say, “we are what we eat”. This means that food is more than just a mere source of energy. It defines our cultures, impacts our moods, expresses our emotions and adds to our traditions. Each culture uses a unique selection of ingredients and these combinations and fusions create endless possibilities distinguishing people from one another. This session aims to have people together and highlight the beauty of culture through food.