Ukraine and Russia Conflict 7 1

Russia/Ukraine Conflict, What Impacts on Europe? | Paris

France ‘Paris’ Hub organized a special discussion session entitled “Russia/Ukraine conflict and the impacts on Europe?”.

The session hosted Anastasiya Shapochkina, Lecturer in geopolitics at Sciences Po Paris Insitute, Nina Zaharkina-Beresner, Founder of the D’Est association and Raphaël Liogier, Sociologist and Philosopher, & Professor at Sciences Po.

France Formation Microsoft Power BI Workshop 2

Formation Microsoft Power BI | Paris

France ‘Paris’ Hub hosted Karim Deriouch, a Data expert, in a data visualization training session, with the “Microsoft Power BI” tool

FR Political and Economic Relations 19 Dec 2

The Political and Economic Relationship between EU and MENAT | Paris

France ‘Paris’ Hub hosted Mr. François Deroche: President of justice and rights without borders, Mr. Raphael Lioger: Philosopher, sociologist & university professor. The session discussed the political and economic relationship between EU and MENAT (Middle East, North Africa & Turkey) region on four axes:
1- History and nature of occident-orient relations. Is it a win-win or a win-lose situation?
2- What role is EU currently playing in MENAT region?
3- EU & Turkey: a new approach to the global strategic balance!
4- Focus on the future of the relationship between EU & MENAT.

FR Big Data 21 Nov 20 1

Big Data| Paris

As Amaël Cattaruzza says in his book “Géopolitique des données numériques”: Understanding a technology is not only understanding how it works, it is also taking into consideration the social, economic, political and philosophical context in which it is part and that it modifies in return”. Big data can therefore be considered as a socio-technical phenomenon, which has continued to change the world for several years.
France ‘Paris’ Hub organized a talk that addressed the impact and changes related to these new technologies on three different axes:
1- The technological axis: what’s Big Data and what is different compared to technologies before ?
2- Companies axis : How have companies taken advantage so far and how can they improve their data experience ?
3- The human being and society axis : social media, fake news, labor market.

The session hosted Abed Ajraou, Chief Data Officer, Lecturer of Big Data and Data Science Professor, Aissam Ouaza, Serial Innovative Entrepreneur and Startup Mentor, and Philippe Feinsilberber, Digital innovation advisor, lecturer at Science Po Paris.

France Paris 1

Paris Hub Online Inauguration Event | Paris

General Orientation of France “Paris” Hub and Introducing it in its new round of 2020-21

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“The Role of Innovation in the Resolution of Humanitarian Crises” Competition | Paris

Paris Hub in association with Volunteers for Humanity NGO held its event “The Role of Innovation in the Resolution of Humanitarian Crises” in Paris, France. The event’s main aim is to be a platform for young people to present their projects and compete to serve their communities. The first prize winner is Muhammad Abu Matar from Gaza, on his project Tashkeel3D, a startup that works on the manufacture of medical tools for suffering and war countries. Abu Matar is to fly to Kuala Lumpur, to pitch his project along with other projects at Al Sharq Youth Fifth
Annual Conference scheduled on the 1st and 2nd of May, 2019.

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‘Blockchain Technology’ Seminar | Paris

Al Sharq Youth Paris Hub organized a seminar on ‘Blockchain Technology’ with the attendance of youth from various backgrounds.

paris march

Hub Launch | Paris

Al Sharq Youth Paris Hub is launched with the participation of unique youth from different backgrounds and prominent media figures and activists in the French Capital.