Morocco Youth and Participation in Civil Society and Political decisions 11

Youth, Civil society & Public Decision-Making | Rabat

Al Sharq Youth Rabat Hub held an online session with Mr. Adnan Herewi,  entitled ”Youth, Civil society & Public Decision-Making in Morocco“

The session discussed why youth participation in civil society is important & What are the conditions needed to provide a good environment for meaningful participation in society?

MR EFH Mens Role 29 Nov 20 2

“Education for Her”: Role of Men in Women’s Education Webinar | Rabat

As part of the Education For Her project, Morocco hub organized its third webinar on “The contribution of men to women’s education”, which addressed the subject access to education for young girls in rural areas and the difficulties encountered by them. The session hosted:
– Dr. Mahdi Amri, Professor at the Higher Institute for Media and Communication
– Montasser Errachid, Project Manager at the High Atlas Foundation
– Souafiyan Saoudi, Founder of Get Heard Project

MR EFH Women and SD 28 Nov 20 3

“Education for Her”: Women’s Role in Education for Sustainable Development | Rabat

In collaboration with the UNESCO, the Rabat hub organized a webinar as part of the “Education for Her” project entitled: “Education for the sustainable development of women and their role in achieving a sustainable future”.

The webinar hosted various officials within civil society associations working in the field of environmental protection and the sustainable development goals, in addition to young women pioneers in this field, including:
– Nour Mansour: Environmental Activist in Civil Society & member in TunSea Initiative
– Mona El-Zoghbi: Specialist in Sustainable Development.
– Mustapha El Aissate: President of Green Environmental Rug Association
-Amina Tadjer: Human Rights Activist & member in Pan-African Network of Human Rights Defenders

MR EFH 2nd Webinar 25 Oct 2

Education For Her: Territorial inequalities and girls’ education | Rabat

Within the framework of the Education For Her project, Morocco hub organized its second webinar on “Territorial inequalities and girls’ education”, which addressed the subject of access to education for young girls in rural areas and the difficulties encountered by them. The session hosted Latifa Aliza: A house mother of a boarding house “Education for All”, Fatima Zahra Laaribi: Trainer at ATLAS Foundation and Hamza Bentahar: President of Yes We Can Association

MR Just Girls 11 Oct 20

Just Girls| Rabat

The #Act4RuleofLaw campaign is a global initiative to raise public awareness and encourage actions for equal justice and the rule of law worldwide.
For this year’s #DayOfTheGirl, Rabat Hub campaign team is organized an online event #JustGirls inspired by RBG to bring a discussion by girls, for girls, on shaping equal justice for all.

Education for Her 1st Webinar 6 September Morocco Hub 3

Education for Her | Rabat

The first session from the “Education For Her” initiative by Rabat Hub. The initiative aims to encourage girls and women to pursue their studies, in addition to combating illiteracy and raise awareness about the importance of education in their lives.

The session hosted
– Marwa Ameziane: Youth Mobilizer and Empowerer, President of World Merit Rabat
– Nadia Badnini: Philosophy Professor
– Zahra El Mourabit: Nursing Student in the US
– Fatima Ezzahra Ouachcham: Anesthesiology and resuscitation nurse

Morocco Rabat 1

Rabat Hub Online Inauguration Event | Rabat

General Orientation of Morocco “Rabat” Hub and Introducing it in its new round of 2020-21.

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Youth and the Question of Community Engagement | Rabat

Rabat Hub organized the first meeting of its cultural meetings series under the title “Youth and the Question of Community Engagement”. The meeting was concluded with an Iftar dinner that aimed at representing an opportunity for further acquaintance and exchange of ideas and perceptions between the current members and the newly joined members of the hub.

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Orientation Session | Rabat

Rabat hub held an orientation session to the new members who joined it recently. During the active session, Al Sharq Youth 2019 vision and goals were discussed with the members in order to create and develop sustainable projects in the region.

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AINAC 2018 – Challenge Arabia| RABAT

As part of the network’s Opportunities Program, our member Mohammed Abu Matar from Gaza won the network’s opportunity to participate in the Arab Network for Innovation’s conference (AINAC 2018 – Challenge Arabia) and won the first place in the category of Innovative Space. Mohammed is the owner of a start-up company in the field of industrial modeling and 3D printing, the start-up works on the manufacture of medical tools and equipment for suffering and war countries.