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‘Al Sharq Festival’ | Erbil

In partnership with the Volunteer With Us organization, Al Sharq Youth Erbil Hub held a culture and art festival full of music and drama performances, poetry and other recreational activities in both Kurdish and Arabic languages. ‘Al Sharq Festival,’ which hosted around 130 participants from all components of society, aimed at strengthening the ties between the Kurds as a host society and the displaced Arabs to promote social acceptance in the community.


“Public Speaking and Leadership” Conference | Erbil

Al Sharq Youth Erbil Hub members participated in the “Public Speaking and Leadership” conference organized by the Toastmasters International, a global network that provides training programs in the fields of communication and leadership skills.

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Hub Launch | Erbil

Al Sharq Youth Erbil Hub launched its first event this year with more than 130 participants from all components of society. The event included an interactive workshop on community reconciliation and human rights, and was followed by a fruitful panel discussion among the youth present.