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Strategic Visioning | Fellowship

In this live session discussion from Al Sharq Fellowship program, core team member Abdullah Ali led the fellows through a presentation about the importance of having vision and goals for their journey in the fellowship particularly and life in general.

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Learning Styles | Fellowship

In this live session discussion from Al Sharq Fellowship program, core team member Abdullah Ali led the fellows through a presentation about the different learning styles, power of metaphors, what is learning, knowledge and how to convert it into an action.

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Epistemology Learning Discussion | Fellowship

In this Epistemology learning discussion from Al Sharq Fellowship program, guest speaker Oubai Elkerdi, PhD. Candidate at Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, at the University of Toronto, presents theories of epistemology to later discuss the readings of “David Orr, What is Education for?” and “Jane Jacobs, Dark Age Ahead.”


2022 New Cohort | Fellowship

Al Sharq International Fellowship program is delighted to welcome its 40 unique fellows for the new cycle 2021-2022. The fellows who come from 30 different nationalities will actively participate in a 9-month leadership program to become effective change agents in their communities.

The program will offer diverse components including training and internship opportunities, facilitated mentorship, and international retreats.

Fellowship 2021 Instargam Launch

Welcoming New Fellows| Fellowship

Al Sharq Fellowship Program is now welcoming its new fellows for the Academic year 2021-22.

Apply now to join our 9-month leadership capacity-building program from Al Sharq Youth that brings together a network of passionate and high-potential youth from around the world to become effective change agents committed to informed action.


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International Fellowship Retreat | Fellowship

The first cycle of Al Sharq International Fellowship Program concludes!

Al Sharq Fellowship Program concluded its first cycle with the presence of 25 of its fellows in Istanbul while the rest of the fellows joined online through Zoom. The international fellowship retreat concludes the program’s first founding cohort, which was initiated in 2020-21 and took place over 9 months, starting September 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, adapting from original plans that didn’t anticipate a fully virtual experience. Through the 9 months, the entire experience has been a virtual one, with a learning engagement that includes discussion, lectures, and workshops covering a wide range of topics; from epistemology and philosophy, to logic and system innovation. The different components covered various holistic and integrated focus areas: from foundation personal development, to leadership, systems, design thinking and innovation.

The retreat is the final official component in the program that focused on strategic leadership skills like; negotiation, advocacy, organization, and decision making delivered through a series of workshops, seminars, lectures and case studies conducted by prominent scholars including Dr. Emad Shahin, Dr. Tarek Yousef & Clayton Swisher.

This 5-day event is co-funded by Erasmus+ through the Turkish National Agency (Ulusal Ajans), the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), and held in partnership with BTM Istanbul.


Contributional Leadership, Towards a Better Engagement with your Closed Circle | Fellowship

In the second day of the VLR (virtual leadership retreat) of Al Sharq Fellowship program, it started with Peter Riddel’s session entitled “Looking Forward” reflecting on the most serious challenges that the participants’ communities/societies face and their current and future contribution to their communities/societies. To then continue with Bhavesh Patel’s session on “Contributional Leadership” that aimed at embracing uncertainty and chaos introducing the CyneFin framework for change. Later Katharine Roff, Regional Network Director, Europe of Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network, took the participants on an “Emotional Intelligence for leaders” journey where she provided insight into the role of emotions, enable intentional action using emotions and consider the power of purpose in developing and sustaining a work practice based on emotional intelligence. Later Mr. Assaad Chaftari, former senior intelligence official of the Christian militia Lebanese Force, gave a keynote speech on his own life journey and the transition that he went through titled “From Militia leader to a Peacemaker”. The day was concluded with Mr. Waddah Khanfar’s session on leaders’ characteristics where he highlighted the top four leadership characteristics that he identified through out his interaction with the world leaders.


Personal Leadership, Towards Mastering your Own Self | Fellowship

In the first day of the VLR (virtual leadership retreat) of Al Sharq Fellowship program, which marks the end of the first phase of the program. The day consisted of 4 sessions/workshops with the theme of personal leadership. It started with Peter Riddell, Programme Coordinator at Initiatives of Change UK, looking back session which reflected on significant life-changing experiences or turning points in participants’ life journey. To then continue with Mohammad Hegazy, Fellowship Program Lead, workshop on understanding the hidden biases in the decision-making process, the workshop meant to be bridging the abstracts into personnel questions of role in society, ethics and morality, biases, and decision making. In addition, the fundamental concept of leadership. The third session was with Later we moved to Bhavesh Patel’s, trainer and facilitator, session on finding your inner calling which aimed to help finding the purpose and calling while exploring the drive and motivation that lie deep in each one of us. Inner and outer change. The first day concluded with a workshop on “Life Visioning and Planning” by Dr. Tareq Suwaidan which aimed to tackle the practical aspect of life visioning, writing a personal statement, and learning of periodic life planning.

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Framework into Understanding History & Future | Fellowship

In this live session discussion from Al Sharq Fellowship program, guest speaker Wadah Khanfar discusses the history to learn from it and have a go in answering the question “How did we come to this point?”

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How to Understand Society | Fellowship

In this live session discussion from Al Sharq Fellowship program, guest speaker Dr.Mohammad Affan discusses different ideologies and theories of political sociology.