Contributional Leadership, Towards a Better Engagement with your Closed Circle | Fellowship

In the second day of the VLR (virtual leadership retreat) of Al Sharq Fellowship program, it started with Peter Riddel’s session entitled “Looking Forward” reflecting on the most serious challenges that the participants’ communities/societies face and their current and future contribution to their communities/societies. To then continue with Bhavesh Patel’s session on “Contributional Leadership” that aimed at embracing uncertainty and chaos introducing the CyneFin framework for change. Later Katharine Roff, Regional Network Director, Europe of Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network, took the participants on an “Emotional Intelligence for leaders” journey where she provided insight into the role of emotions, enable intentional action using emotions and consider the power of purpose in developing and sustaining a work practice based on emotional intelligence. Later Mr. Assaad Chaftari, former senior intelligence official of the Christian militia Lebanese Force, gave a keynote speech on his own life journey and the transition that he went through titled “From Militia leader to a Peacemaker”. The day was concluded with Mr. Waddah Khanfar’s session on leaders’ characteristics where he highlighted the top four leadership characteristics that he identified through out his interaction with the world leaders.