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01mayallday2019 Al Sharq Youth Conference - Own Your Future


Event Details

2019 Al Sharq Youth Conference

Motto of the Conference: ‘Own Your Future’

Date: May 1-2, 2019

Venue: Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur


The world is about to enter a new era, a period that is expected to be governed by Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and other disruptive technologies, an era where the definition of power has been transformed by those technologies, an era where the definition of ‘audience’ has modified to be ‘contributors’. The world of the future is all about automation, giving more power to the people, and creating an equal society. This is the world of new opportunities.

Embracing transformation is crucial for progress and innovation. It is the first step in replacing old systems with fresh ideas. Al Sharq Youth Annual Conference is housing an ideal hotbed for future critical knowledge, unique models and experiences in distinguished designed events that maximize networking, opportunities, increasing visibility of the participants and open new horizon toward positioning ourselves in the future of the world.

This year’s conference gathered approximately 1000 high achieving young leaders, high tech entrepreneurs and professionals along with investors, industry leaders and decision makers through a stimulating and unconventional program. The 2-day event will comprise a diverse variety of sessions including several dialogues, panels and debates that aimed at broadening the outlook of the participants to the future of the world.

Sponsors and Partners

Platinum Sponsor: Al Jazeera

Golden Sponsors: Turkish Airlines – Integral Media

Bronze Sponsors: PETRA – CIMB Islamic


NESI Forum

World Startup Festival

Anadolu Agency

Youth Impact

Youth IGF Indonesia

Common Action Forum

Arabic Post

International Islamic University of Malaysia

Future Lab



may 1 (Wednesday) - 2 (Thursday)

Speakers for this event

  • Abdul Samad Khan

    Abdul Samad Khan

    Founder & CEO of Youth Impact

    Founder & CEO of Youth Impact

  • Abdulla Al Najjar

    Abdulla Al Najjar

    Executive Director of Global Brand and Communications at Al Jazeera Media Network

    Executive Director of Global Brand and C...

  • Agita Pasaribu

    Agita Pasaribu

    UN-Youth Internet Governance Forum Ambassador for Indonesia

    UN-Youth Internet Governance Forum Ambas...

  • Ambika Sangaran

    Ambika Sangaran

    Co-leading Biji-biji Ethical Fashion

    Co-leading Biji-biji Ethical Fashion

  • Amy Brann

    Amy Brann

    Author of Make Your Brain Work

    Author of Make Your Brain Work

  • Daniel CerVentus

    Daniel CerVentus

    Founder of NextUpAsia

    Founder of NextUpAsia

  • Dato' Seri Anwar bin Ibrahim

    Dato' Seri Anwar bin Ibrahim

    President of the People\'s Justice Party

    President of the People\'s Justice Party

  • Datuk Vinod Sekhar

    Datuk Vinod Sekhar

    President and Group Chief Executive of Petra Group

    President and Group Chief Executive of P...

  • Dr. Jassim Sultan

    Dr. Jassim Sultan

    Strategic Planning Consultant

    Strategic Planning Consultant

  • Dr. Rajbans Signh

    Dr. Rajbans Signh

    Consultant at Pantai Hospital

    Consultant at Pantai Hospital

  • Dr.Majed Al-Ansari

    Dr.Majed Al-Ansari

    Head of Policy Department at Qatar University

    Head of Policy Department at Qatar Unive...

  • Enes Yalman

    Enes Yalman

    Secretary-General of IIFSO

    Secretary-General of IIFSO

  • Hamid Rashid

    Hamid Rashid

    Founder of the award winning Blockchain R&D technology organization FINTERRA

    Founder of the award winning Blockchain ...

  • Liew Chin Tong

    Liew Chin Tong

    Deputy Defense Minister of Malaysia

    Deputy Defense Minister of Malaysia

  • Mariem Masmoudi

    Mariem Masmoudi

    Associate Programme Officer at IDEA

    Associate Programme Officer at IDEA

  • Marty Natalegawa

    Marty Natalegawa

    Indonesian Diplomat

    Indonesian Diplomat

  • Merve Kavakci

    Merve Kavakci

    Turkish Republic’s Ambassador to Kuala Lumpur

    Turkish Republic’s Ambassador to Kuala...

  • Michael Jenkins

    Michael Jenkins

    CEO of Human Capital Leadership Institute

    CEO of Human Capital Leadership Institut...

  • Mohammad Abozeed

    Mohammad Abozeed

  • Mohammed Ali Aerosol

    Mohammed Ali Aerosol

    Founder of Soul City Arts

    Founder of Soul City Arts

  • Mohammed Nanabhay

    Mohammed Nanabhay

    Deputy CEO of Media Development Investment Fund

    Deputy CEO of Media Development Investme...

  • Mohammed Zaoud

    Mohammed Zaoud

    Co-Founder, Toledo Society

    Co-Founder, Toledo Society

  • Muhamed Ali Hajah Mydin

    Muhamed Ali Hajah Mydin

    CEO, Penang Skills Development Centre

    CEO, Penang Skills Development Centre

  • Munir Akari

    Munir Akari

    Policy, Economics Specialist - MENA

    Policy, Economics Specialist - MENA

  • Nicola Cerantola

    Nicola Cerantola

    Founder and Director of Ecologing

    Founder and Director of Ecologing

  • Rene Bernard

    Rene Bernard

    CEO & Founder of LuxTag & President of the Access Block chain Association (Malaysia)

    CEO & Founder of LuxTag & President of t...

  • Rina Neoh

    Rina Neoh

    Co-founder of Ficus Venture Capital

    Co-founder of Ficus Venture Capital

  • Rümeysa Kadak

    Rümeysa Kadak

    Member of the Turkish Parliament

    Member of the Turkish Parliament

  • Sami Zeidan

    Sami Zeidan

    Senior Presenter at Al Jazeera English

    Senior Presenter at Al Jazeera English

    Senior Presenter at Al Jazeera English

  • Teymoor Nabili

    Teymoor Nabili

    Journalist and Broadcaster Managing Editor,

    Journalist and Broadcaster Managing Edit...

  • Zamzam Ibrahim

    Zamzam Ibrahim

    President of National Union of Students (NUS)

    President of National Union of Students ...


    • Day 1
    • Day 2
    • May 1, 2019
    • 9:40 AM Welcoming Remark: Own Your Future9:40 AM - 10:00 AMMore than any other time before, the contributions of various human cultures are a must for humanity to move forward. The time of a homogeneous culture that rules over others has ended and it is the call for all of us to have a hand in the establishment of a more open and pluralistic global order where humanity lives in harmony with itself and the environment around it. The president of Al Sharq Forum, Wadah Khanfar will speak about how the future of humanity is heading towards more integrated world order, where hope and optimism are the tools to build a better future.Speakers: Wadah Khanfar

    • 10:00 AM Keynote: The Pursuit of Global Justice10:00 AM - 10:35 AMThe need to build a peaceful new world order. The time is now to make a more effective investment in youth. Find out how the evaluation of youth spirit is gradually evolving.Speakers: YAB Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad

    • 10:40 AM Keynote: The Courage to Tell the Truth in a World Dominated by Fake News10:40 AM - 11:00 AMMr. Al Najjar will discuss the ongoing challenges to news across the world as confidence in social media and TV news continues to take a battering. He will outline the specific challenges faced by Al Jazeera and how it has managed to overcome threats to its own existence against all oddsSpeakers: Abdulla Al Najjar

    • 11:00 AM Panel: The World Order in the Age of Liquidity11:00 AM - 11:45 AMThe very structure of power is shifting from the highly centralized and hierarchical into a more flat, networked and decentralized one. However, this progress could be derailed by the rise of global fear, populist parties, and economic decline which have made our world order more unstable today. Find out what some of the world’s leading thinkers and practitioners believe are the main challenges we face as a global society, and how we can work together to overcome them.Speakers: John Keane, Marty Natalegawa, Merve Kavakci, Sami Zeidan

    • 12:00 PM Dialogue: The Economy of Greed: Can Capitalism Reform Itself?12:00 PM - 12:30 PMEver since the 2008 Financial Crisis, there have been many calls to reform the global economy. Bankers, multinational corporations, and governments have all been blamed for creating the crisis, while many different alternatives to the financial capitalist model have been proposed by economists. Join us to find out what the fundamental challenges the global economy faces are, and how it may develop and reform in the future.Speakers: Datuk Vinod Sekhar, Liew Chin Tong

    • 12:30 PM Spotlight: Towards a Circular Economy12:30 PM - 12:45 PMThe very essence of the economy should be about using things but not using them up. You reap what you sow, but what happens when you no longer sow? There are clear economic challenges we are facing, with the ‘consumption craze’ leading to mass inequality and environmental damage. Is there an alternative way to operate our economies? Join us to hear from a leading theorist on the Circular Economy model.Speakers: Nicola Cerantola

    • 12:45 PM Spotlight: Reviving the Dream: Prospect of Revolution in a Conflict Prone World?12:45 PM - 1:00 PMOur world is dominated by conflcit and strife, and the dreams of millions around the world, for freedom and justice, have been silenced. Is there any hope for a better outcome, or do the forces of oppression and conflict hold all the power?Speakers: Dr.Majed Al-Ansari

    • 2:00 PM Keynote: The Pillars of Civilization: How Can We Move Forward?2:00 PM - 2:15 PMIn the global rush for economic prosperity and political power, we have forgotten our ethics, with these concepts no longer holding a place of importance in many of our societies. How can we move forward while not ignoring the principles of our civilization?Speakers: Dr. Jassim Sultan

    • 2:15 PM Spotlight: The Value of Art2:15 PM - 2:30 PMThe value of art is not only in its beauty but also in its substance. As part of modern art experience, join us and analyze artistic expressions with Aerosol Ali.

    • 2:30 PM Panel: Homosapiens 2.0: Education for a New Age2:30 PM - 3:00 PMEducation serves many purposes for both citizens and governments alike and is one of the core factors determining a nation’s future prosperity. However, are our educational systems keeping up with rapid changes in our societies? How has technology impacted education? And how can we make education more relevant to the changing economic jobs market?Speakers: Muhamed Ali Hajah Mydin, Munir Akari

    • 3:00 PM Spotlight: Industry 4.0: People, Process & Technology3:00 PM - 3:15 PMHear from a powerful industry veteran as he unveils the secrets of getting started on your organization’s journey towards Industry 4.0.

    • 3:15 PM Dialogue Powered By Aljazeera Media network: Media at Crossroads3:15 PM - 4:00 PMIn a world where videos are becoming shorter, audiences are increasingly fragmented, budgets are decreasing, and the freedom of journalists is jeopardized, how will traditional journalistic principles survive?Speakers: Teymoor Nabili

    • May 2, 2019
    • 9:30 AM Keynote: Today's Offspring, Tomorrow's Leader9:30 AM - 9:50 AM..Speakers: Dato' Seri Anwar bin Ibrahim

    • 9:50 AM Dialogue: Non-Negotiables for Young People9:50 AM - 10:30 AMSome of our current systems are hindering our capability to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the world and its communities. Are human-centric values strong enough the basis of our structure?Speakers: Enes Yalman, Mohammed Zaoud, Munir Akari, Rümeysa Kadak

    • 10:30 AM Spotlight: How Healthy is the Internet?10:30 AM - 10:45 AMThe internet is a global public resource that belongs to all of us equally. Sharing findings from Mozilla’s 2019 Internet Health Report, we will look at what’s helping and what’s hurting the internet across five issues, from personal experience to global concerns. These five issues are: 1- Is it safe? 2- How open is it? 3- Who is welcome? 4- Who can succeed? 5- Who controls it?Speakers: Mohammed Nanabhay

    • 10:45 AM Debate: AI brings more harm than it does good10:45 AM - 11:15 AMOne of man’s exceptional inventions is Artificial Intelligence. AI has been infiltrating more and more fields that were previously handled by humans. It has transformed the way numerous domains function and is continuing to insinuate itself into many more. Its ability to mimic cognitive functions has enabled it to take over many tasks that previously required a human presence and do the job just as well or even better. 1- Will AI be the doom of humanity or expand our world beyond what we previously imagined possible? 2- How far can AI development advance? 3- In what scopes of life will AI make human labour redundant? 4- What new prospects does AI create? 5- What other impacts will AI have on businesses, governments, education and life in general?

    • 11:15 AM Spotlight: Blockchain: A Hype or Hope?11:15 AM - 11:30 AMOriginally devised for the digital currency Bitcoin, blockchain has since diversified its uses. In this segment we would like to explore; 1- The strengths that blockchain possesses and its limitations. 2- The characteristics that contribute to its durability and robustness. 3- What industries have been disrupted or could be disrupted by blockchain? 4- What industries can benefit from it?Speakers: Rene Bernard

    • 2:00 PM Spotlight: Fresh from the Oven: Brain Scientist2:00 PM - 2:15 PMWe often hear the strongest brains survive. Join us as Amy Brann reveals some important truths about how our brains work. Armed with this knowledge and Amy’s useful techniques, we can boost our productivity and free up space for creative tasks. Gear up, business leaders, parents, and teachers, to know the science of brain!Speakers: Amy Brann

    • 2:15 PM Spotlight: From Fear to Accomplishment2:15 PM - 2:30 PMThe biggest hindrance to reaching our goals is sometimes our own insecurities and fears of failure. Fear that we are not good enough to achieve what we want to. 1- How can we attempt to dissipate our fears and insecurities? 2- How can we power through hardships or difficulties and diminish the barriers they set? 3- How can we clear our minds of self-doubt and the feeling of not being built for the job?Speakers: Daniel CerVentus

    • 3:15 PM Spotlight: The Ties that Bind Us3:15 PM - 3:30 PM.

    • 11:30 AM Spotlight: EI & AI in the Age of Digital Disruption11:30 AM - 11:45 AMIn this talk we will ask: what do workplaces need to look like now and in the future if they are to be healthy and fulfilling environments for human beings? With digital transformation gathering pace across many sectors throughout the world, we also want to consider this question: what might a great place to work look like where people are happy and supported, where engagement levels are high and productivity looks great, where the organization itself is not only embracing digital transformation but leading the charge – simply put, what do organizations need to do to be able to claim to be really human (represented by EI – Emotional Intelligence) and really digitally-savvy (represented- for simplicity of purpose – by AI – Artificial Intelligence, and all it encompasses)?Speakers: Michael Jenkins

    • 11:30 AM Spotlight: Waste: The Hidden Treasure!11:30 AM - 11:45 AMWhat is your waste actually worth? How should businesses handle the costs of waste disposal and waste management? How much of waste makes its way to our oceans and the rising concerns with regards to recycling. How can companies make uncostly, efficient, and effective contributions towards a more sustainable future?Speakers: Ambika Sangaran

    • 3:00 PM Spotlight: Digital Inclusion: Towards Industry 4.03:00 PM - 3:15 PM.Speakers: Agita Pasaribu

    • 2:30 PM Panel: Turning Ideas into big businesses2:30 PM - 3:00 PMThis session will be a panel discussion on the industries of the future and the means to convert ideas into millions. How to be able to identify ideas with potential and nurture them into a successful enterprise. 1- What steps can be taken to initiate and launch a business? 2- What are methods to retain a business afloat in its early stages? 3- What repercussions should be kept in consideration when fostering a new idea?Speakers: Rina Neoh

    • 2:30 PM Spotlight: E-Sports: The New Career2:30 PM - 2:45 PMHow big is the E-sports market? How fast are E-sports growing? We will highlight the factors that will determine this new industry’s growth and the size of the market.