FR Political and Economic Relations 19 Dec 2

The Political and Economic Relationship between EU and MENAT | Paris

France ‘Paris’ Hub hosted Mr. François Deroche: President of justice and rights without borders, Mr. Raphael Lioger: Philosopher, sociologist & university professor. The session discussed the political and economic relationship between EU and MENAT (Middle East, North Africa & Turkey) region on four axes:
1- History and nature of occident-orient relations. Is it a win-win or a win-lose situation?
2- What role is EU currently playing in MENAT region?
3- EU & Turkey: a new approach to the global strategic balance!
4- Focus on the future of the relationship between EU & MENAT.


Personal Leadership, Towards Mastering your Own Self | Fellowship

In the first day of the VLR (virtual leadership retreat) of Al Sharq Fellowship program, which marks the end of the first phase of the program. The day consisted of 4 sessions/workshops with the theme of personal leadership. It started with Peter Riddell, Programme Coordinator at Initiatives of Change UK, looking back session which reflected on significant life-changing experiences or turning points in participants’ life journey. To then continue with Mohammad Hegazy, Fellowship Program Lead, workshop on understanding the hidden biases in the decision-making process, the workshop meant to be bridging the abstracts into personnel questions of role in society, ethics and morality, biases, and decision making. In addition, the fundamental concept of leadership. The third session was with Later we moved to Bhavesh Patel’s, trainer and facilitator, session on finding your inner calling which aimed to help finding the purpose and calling while exploring the drive and motivation that lie deep in each one of us. Inner and outer change. The first day concluded with a workshop on “Life Visioning and Planning” by Dr. Tareq Suwaidan which aimed to tackle the practical aspect of life visioning, writing a personal statement, and learning of periodic life planning.

TR Film Okumlari Eps. 3 19 Dec 2

Film Reading Session ‘Umut’ | Istanbul

In this film reading session, Istanbul Hub, discussed ‘Umut’ film with the guest İsmail Yılmaztekin and Zafer Akar.


Book Discussions -روح الدين

TR Online Cafe Ep1 Introduction to SDGs 13 Dec 5

Online Cafe: Introductions to the SDGs | Istanbul

Istanbul hub hosted an online cafe with hub members to discuss Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their processes in Turkey. The session hosted Alina Gedik, facilitator at SOGLAB.

TR Film Okumlari Eps. 2 6 Dec 4

Film Reading Session ‘Muhsin Bey’ | Istanbul

In this film reading session, Istanbul Hub, discussed ‘Muhsin Bey’ film with the guest İsmail Yılmaztekin and Zafer Akar.

TN Moez Belhaj 24 Oct 20 2

Impact of the Social economy Law on Youth | Tunisia

A discussion on the law of Solidarity and Social Economy of Tunisia presented by Professor Moez Belhaj Rhouma, member of the Constituent Assembly, current member of the People’s Assembly, and head of the Agriculture, Food Security, Trade and Related Services Committee in Tunisia.

MR EFH Mens Role 29 Nov 20 2

“Education for Her”: Role of Men in Women’s Education Webinar | Rabat

As part of the Education For Her project, Morocco hub organized its third webinar on “The contribution of men to women’s education”, which addressed the subject access to education for young girls in rural areas and the difficulties encountered by them. The session hosted:
– Dr. Mahdi Amri, Professor at the Higher Institute for Media and Communication
– Montasser Errachid, Project Manager at the High Atlas Foundation
– Souafiyan Saoudi, Founder of Get Heard Project


Al Sharq Youth Europe Regional Big Meet-Up| London

Due to the current circumstances,
The first ‘ASY Europe Regional Big Meet Up’ was held with participation from the network’s 4 hubs in Europe, London, Madrid, Paris and Sarajevo!
The meet up was an opportunity to further strengthen the network beyond the borders, present projects from the different hubs and share best practices. The session was concluded with Al Sharq Youth quiz which was very competitive seeing Madrid Hub Coordinator Doha Kamal clinching the win.

MR EFH Women and SD 28 Nov 20 3

“Education for Her”: Women’s Role in Education for Sustainable Development | Rabat

In collaboration with the UNESCO, the Rabat hub organized a webinar as part of the “Education for Her” project entitled: “Education for the sustainable development of women and their role in achieving a sustainable future”.

The webinar hosted various officials within civil society associations working in the field of environmental protection and the sustainable development goals, in addition to young women pioneers in this field, including:
– Nour Mansour: Environmental Activist in Civil Society & member in TunSea Initiative
– Mona El-Zoghbi: Specialist in Sustainable Development.
– Mustapha El Aissate: President of Green Environmental Rug Association
-Amina Tadjer: Human Rights Activist & member in Pan-African Network of Human Rights Defenders