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The Struggle Around Islam | Diwan

Indonesia Ambassador Talk 31 August 2020 3

The Ambassador Talk | Jakarta

Indonesia ‘Jakarta’ Hub held its first event entitled ‘The Ambassador Talk’ hosting various speakers including Syahrul Aidi Indonesian Parliament Member, Zuhair Al-Shun Ambassador of Palestine to Indonesia & Adam Bensaid Senior Strategist at Turkish TRT Network.

The session discussed that Israel’s plan to annex the Palestinian West Bank region not only violates international law but also threatens the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and stability in the region. The planned Israeli annexation would deprive Palestinians of key agricultural land and water resources, especially in the Jordan Valley region. It would also effectively kill the two-state solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict that was based on the idea of land for peace.

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World Against Single Use Plastic | Lahore

Al Sharq Youth Pakistan ‘Lahore’ Hub organized an online workshop on World Against Single-Use Plastic, By Prof. Rashid Gatrad, Chief Executive of Midland International Aid Trust.

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Ambassador Talk 2 | Jakarta

Indonesia ‘Jakarta’ Hub held its second event entitled ‘The Ambassador Talk 2.0’ hosting various speakers including H.E. Mr. Vincent Piket – Ambassador for European Union to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam & Mrs. Ika Yuwiani Puspitasari – Director of Dir. HRD PPI Dunia, President of PPI Portugal 2019 – 2021

Because of many Indonesian youth interested to study or even get job abroad, especially in Europe. Al Sharq Youth Indonesia initiative to hold a program in order to motivate the youth to pursue their education forward. Through this program, the speakers inform the participants regarding education in Europe. The speakers brought up the education institution in Europe and gave advice to the participants on preparation to study in Europe countries even during Covid-19 pandemic.

The session answered several interesting questions:
– what does higher education in Europe have to offer to students worldwide?
– Is there any significant impact on learning activities that is felt by international students during the COVID-19 pandemic?

MR EFH 2nd Webinar 25 Oct 2

Education For Her: Territorial inequalities and girls’ education | Rabat

Within the framework of the Education For Her project, Morocco hub organized its second webinar on “Territorial inequalities and girls’ education”, which addressed the subject of access to education for young girls in rural areas and the difficulties encountered by them. The session hosted Latifa Aliza: A house mother of a boarding house “Education for All”, Fatima Zahra Laaribi: Trainer at ATLAS Foundation and Hamza Bentahar: President of Yes We Can Association

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Introduction to Post-normal times | Fellowship

In this live session discussion from Al Sharq Fellowship program, guest speakers Jordi Serra del Pino & Ziauddin Sardar discuss the definition of post-normal times and how to cope with it.

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Introduction to Future Studies Methods | Fellowship

In this live session discussion from Al Sharq Fellowship program, Linda Hyökki discusses with the fellows the analytical methods and tools used in future studies